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Expert training creates safer riders
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Expert training creates safer riders

A2 Course: Module 1

Module 1 - You are required to complete a series of manoeuvres both at slow speeds (e.g. U-turn) and faster speeds (e.g. avoidance manoeuvre at 50km/h), requiring competent handling skills.

Module 2 - This test involves a 40-minute road ride, following a sight test and initial brief from the examiner.

Once you are over 24 years of age and have held an A2 licence for at least two years, you may progress to an unrestricted A licence, Please see the DAS course

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A2 Restricted Licence

This course is open to anyone aged 19 or over and results in entitlement to a full restricted motorcycle licence, allowing riders to ride a machine of any engine capacity which produces a maximum of 46.6bhp (35kw), or has been restricted to 46.6bhp. You will also be able to carry a passenger.

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A2 Course: Module 2

To be able to attend this course you must:

The course consists of two modules, performed on a 500cc motorcycle.

With many years of experience in motorbike riding, the Dave Barkshire staff members, in the shop and at the training centre, are able to offer you expert help and advice.

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